PK Initiatives


Project Knomad’s skate team is working on renovating Warwick’s existing skate park as well as creating designs for a new and improved skate-able plaza. The new design would not only allow for a larger skate-able area, but also social spaces for family recreation and performances. To see more about the renovations that have already taken place, and to take a look at the new design… CLICK HERE.


PK Permaculture wants to create community involvement with holistic intent; caring for the environment while we care for our neighbors, friends and family alike. LETS PLANT A GARDEN!

To see the garden design, CLICK HERE.


Sustainable Scouts is still in the planning stages, however, we hope to develop a program that fosters community experience in an environment that supports all individuals; regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, and gender orientation. With this program, Project Knomad aims to create a safe space where youth can interact with one another and their world , learn new skills (based in sustainable living practices), foster existing talents and create a foundation for their own future independence.

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Also in the planning stages, PK Makerspace is all about combining the Arts, skill-share and wilderness experiences for youth and community. It’s a creativity and relevant experiences project.

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