About Project Knomad

Project Knomad is –
Youth engaged in a multi-faceted experience of the arts
Engaging connection between all ages within the community
Project Knomad is an inter-generational, creative learning experience.
Project Knomad expresses Ian Sharp’s mission of meditation in action.
    It is about learning, sharing and building community
Who are ‘we’?
 PK-ers are people from the Warwick community inspired by Ian Sharp’s legacy of meditation in action – working with our youth and community through art, music, love of skateboarding and fun! We are friends and family of Ian Sharp who have come together to keep his vision alive! It is our intention to create a space of creativity, self-expression, skill-sharing and fun, where all ages can come together and have a good time.
Who was Ian Sharp?
 Ian was an artist, musician and skater dude loved and missed by many in our town. His art was edgy, inspired and his joy was to share his art and creativity with others, particularly kids. Check out his Facebook page and his Art of IS Facebook page.

How can you connect with Project Knomad?

or email us – projectknomad@gmail.com

                  Project Knomad is fiscally sponsored by Community2gether, Warwick, NY