PK &WCC Present…

Greetings! Donna here with an update …

April 16, 2106 ~ Project Knomad and Warwick Valley Community Center hosted (for the second time!) Sam Woolf and The Como Brothers Band for a great evening of live music (originals and covers) and a fun after party that included a birthday moment or two.

Sam Woolf is a singer-songwriter from Bradenton, Florida. He placed 5th on American Idol, season 13. I was so impressed with his voice, I vowed to not only vote but continue to support him as a dedicated fan and, as you all know, mouthpiece…lol. I create a fan page for him on Facebook & Twitter and was sure that somehow, I could get him to Warwick to share his talents.

Through connecting with The Como Brothers Band (they hail from Long Island with a long history of music there) via the internet – technology at it’s best – and with Sam we were able to put a gig together last July at the Community Center. It was blisteringly hot and humid that day, with electrical problems and rain, but by showtime all was well and the concert was great. I have included the url for PK Facebook so you can check out pics and music – thanks to Sue Gabriel, coming all the way from Cleveland, who recorded it – below so you can see then… and the recent concert playlist (thanks again, Sue!) so you can enjoy that too!

Go to PK’s Facebook here to see the posts with photos and the posts with the link for :

It was a great night!!



Warwick Skate Park getting some new equipment in June…and some shade…more on that soon!

Warwick Summer Arts Festival activity is in the works…more later…