PK 2014 – Creative Projects….

Greetings creatives!

The ‘Project Knomad Murals Project’ for 2014 will hopefully be a creative way to involve children of different age groups from Warwick in creating art together that will be hung in the skate park in Veterans Memorial Park… and perhaps elsewhere if the project is large enough! If you are interested in being part of this project, please come to our meeting. We are looking to assemble a group of artists who can work with me to organize the project and assist the kids in their efforts.
PK will be having the first ‘Murals Project’ meeting next Wednesday evening – 3/12 at 7pm at The Tuscan Cafe’. Please RSVP to to let me know if you can make the meeting!

Looking forward to connecting and creating ~ Donna Kaminski


PK Update…garden…skate park….and more!

Greetings all!

Our recent meeting at the Tuscan netted some good stuff! We want to thank Jody Weatherstone, Kathleen Kenny, Melanie Gold and Melissa Peterson for coming and adding content and support to PK! Here’s what we covered:

~ PK Permaculture Garden Initiative – we have a time-line for our goals and Innis will be in contact with all who want to have their hands in the soil of this fun learning and growing experience. Next garden meeting will be in March – look for an email meeting invite from Neisha will be adding our time-line goals here on the website for a good overview of our projections.


~ PK Skate Park Initiative – we are looking to do some group mural projects to add visual beauty and interest to the skate park this year. We will also be getting some much needed shade – the Village has offered to build a pavilion over the grassy area in the front of the skate park – thank you very much, Mayor Newhard and Bill Lindbergh!! This will be very appreciated. PK expects to hold our Annual Game of Skate fundraiser during the summer with the hopes of raising money to buy something to replace the pyramid ramp that was removed due to inability to repair. We will also be doing paint/touch ups – as plywood backs will be added to some of the existing ramps which will need to be painted. Next Skate Park meeting will be in March – look for an email invite from



PK Arts Initiative – We are planning our Arts fundraiser for weathers warmer! With only 5 weeks left of ‘winter’ we thought it better to wait out the snow and ice. We are still accepting art donations! Let us know if you want to donate! Also…the murals project falls under ‘Arts Initiatives’ so let us know if you are an artist who would like to be part of our murals project! PK Murals project meeting will be in March – we will send out an email invite for that meeting.

We Need YOU! if you would like to participate in garden building, murals project, painting touch ups or if you want to be an active member of Project Knomad please contact us here: 

 Thanks for your help and support always ~ Donna Kaminski


ImageRest in Presence, Ian Sharp!

Project Knomad Meeting 1/27


Meeting reminder – Mon. 1/27 at 7:30 at the Tuscan Cafe… please let me know if you are coming, or not, as I need to let Kristin and Christy know ahead of time.

Project Knomad is definitely looking for interested people with talents and skills who would like to be part of the permaculture garden initiative and other workshop oriented skill sharing. If you are an artist or writer, crafts-person or have a creative skill (like knitting, sewing, cooking) we would like to know if you would be interested in sharing your knowledge in a workshop setting.

It is PK’s intention to develop a connection between our local youth and the creative/skilled adults in our community, to give our kids many experiences to build on as preparation for the future. We welcome and need adults with experience and knowledge in the arts, crafts, agriculture/permaculture, sustainability, wood work, metal work, kitchen/restaurant, wilderness and extreme sports (like skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.) fields who want to share what they have learned. Please contact me if you are interested.

See you soon!

PK Update ~

Donna here…
~ Next general meeting – Monday evening, January 27th at 7:30pm…at The Tuscan! Please RSVP to me: if you are coming!

~ We are keeping the date flexible for the Arts fundraiser, as the weather is so in flux… keep ya posted. In the meantime I will send out another Call For Art email – feel free to pass the email to your artist friends!

See you soon!

Winter Update

Greetings all….

Here’s hoping you all enjoyed your holidays! PK wishes one and all a Happy New Year and a very creative and productive 2014!

Winter updates:

– Our art fundraiser will be held mid February, depending on the weather/thaw. Date, time, place and details to come.
—- Note: we continue to accept works through February 7th – please contact me at this email if you want to donate art.

Skate team – if you would like to paint one of the boards I have been storing for the art auction (I have 4 long boards (2 of each shape) and 2 regular boards – 6 boards total)  — let me know – you can come and pick one up.

Monday, 1/27 @ 7pm will be our next general meeting – all are invited – we will have updated info about the garden, skate park and are looking forward to sharing ideas for creative workshops and doings in our community.  I will email where the meeting will be held soon.

Thanks so much, see you soon!
Donna @ Project Knomad

Community Garden Initiative

Project Knomad knows how important it is to encourage sustainability. With our plans for the upcoming community permaculture garden, we want to create a space where we all can learn to help each other grow… while growing a shared necessity and resource; FOOD!

Update 2015:

Thank you to the Warwick DPW for helping us create the foundation for our garden by bringing us mulch over the past year! This mulch, as it breaks down, is the first step toward bringing that plot back to life!

Also, we would like to thank Home Depot for their generous donation of a garden shed and to the men who helped us put it together!

photo 2

photo 4

With the following design, we hope to turn the empty lot behind the skate park into an outdoor space that gives our community a place to gather and “get their hands dirty”!


More information coming soon!

Warwick Skatepark Initiative

Project Knomad has been working to make our skate park better! We are very lucky, here in Warwick, NY, to have such an accessible skate park (in beautiful Veteran’s Memorial Park). And, as we work on designing and fundraising for our new park, we wanted to spruce up our current one.

Update 2015:

Project Knomad and the wonderful people at the Vernon Skatepark Memorial Organization are working together to bring a new concrete bowl to the Warwick Skatepark! Currently, we are still looking for a place where we can re-locate the park (still within Memorial Park) that will allow us to build the bowl! Visit the VSMO website to see what they are about and stay tuned for future updates.


We are honored to have been able to re-paint the park!!DSCF0028

PK Park Paint 7.16.13 020

PK ramp painting

And… thank you to the Village of Warwick and our DPW for re-surfacing the park as well!!!

8.6.13 002

PK’s Skate Team has envisioned and designed a beautiful new skate plaza!

SkatePark prelim draft

More photos and information coming soon!

In Memoriam: Ian Sharp

Who was Ian Sharp?
 Ian was an artist, musician and skater dude loved and missed by many in our town.
His art was edgy, inspired…
hendrix paintbrush deck
…and his joy was to share his art and creativity with others, particularly kids.
Because of Ian’s dedication to his world, his family, his friends and his sense of purpose in life, we have come together to create Project Knomad.
Check out his Facebook page and his Art of IS Facebook page!